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Why do people choose BBauto?

BBauto is a company with more then 20 years of expertise in repairs and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz cars. During these years BBauto has established itself firmly in the premium segment of the car service market. Our years of expertise helps us to constantly widen the spectrum of the services we provide and implement changes that improve customer experience. One of the advantages of our company is the wide range of services in one place and usage of highly technical equipment. Qualified staff (many of our specialists have more than 25 years of experience in the field) ensures you can trust us with maintaining your car. High quality of service, reasonable prices, professional car maintenance - these are the key features of BBauto today. The service station offers discounts to regular customers.
We love your cars and work for you.


BBauto service station provides the best in class car maintenance and repairs. Every car gets its own service journal, and that helps to restore exact dates and types of repairs provided to your car at any time.
Our service station specialists do their best to ensure that the process of car maintenance in our company brings you only positive customer experience.
We accept payments in cash and by  bank cards, and after the services are provided, you get a legal document confirming the purchase of services. Consulation from one of our specialists is free of charge.

We are the partner of "Independant specialist" program by "Mercedes-Benz RUS" and have access to the most reliable source of delivery of original Mercedes-Benz spare parts.
We use only original engine oil, since the engine is the heart of your car, and the best thing that can be done to maintain it in perfect condition is using original Mercedes-Benz engine oil.

194295, Russia,
Esenina st., 19/2

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+7 (812) 292-37-37 
+7 (911) 292-37-37 Mob.

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